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For orders over 1 tonne please contact us direct to discuss delivery options and payment

Cattle Yards and Fencing for Livestock

Easy Fence is a leading supplier of livestock fencing equipment and yards in Western Australia. All of our products are built tough to take the hard bumps of a serious farmer.

Easy Fence supplies a wide range of products including:

  • Cattle and horse panels
  • Cattle loading ramps
  • Flat pack cattle crush's
  • Fully built cattle crush's
  • Cattle race bow's
  • Cattle sliding gates
  • Cattle yard gates
  • Cattle head bale's
  • Portable yards
  • Sheep panels
  • Sheep blind panels
  • Sheep loading ramps
  • Sheep V-race's
  • Hayfeeders

If it is a set of yards that you are after, for cattle and sheep or a round horse yard, you have come to the right place. For some of our standard yard designs please see the links below.

Don’t see anything that suits you? No problems, Easy Fence can custom design you a set of yards to any scale, and incorporate any of our products resulting in a customised set-up to suit your individual needs at a fraction of the cost you will pay elsewhere. If you require a custom design please contact either Brad or Hayes to go over your requirements. 

The biggest advantage of our yards is the way in which they are installed. They can be installed the day you get them to your farm. To make your yards permanent we can incorporate posts for solid anchoring points, then if you need to move the yards, or your lease runs out, you can take all of the yard components with you only been out of pocket for the posts used.

Full Cattle Yard kits are available. Click on the links below.

20-30 Forcing yard with cattle crush

40-50 Forcing yard with cattle crush

60-80 Forcing yard with cattle crush

80+ Forcing yard with cattle crush

Round yard plan

Yard plan for 40-50 head of cattle

Yard plan for 60-80 head of cattle

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